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Party at The Grove House Boiler Room Asheville Abney Company Associates

A hot and happening music space located at The Grove House, The Boiler Room is famous for its patronage to underground music. Also on offer are genres like shoe gaze, ambient, experimental, garage, indie and pop among others. The venue popularly hosts a host of live acts and music performances by upcoming bands and artists on a regular basis. Check website for more details on current and upcoming events.
So I was new to Asheville and I am hearing about this place, The BOILER ROOM. They say the place is a bit new as well but I have been hearing lots of compliments about the place.  I made a few researches first before checking it out and I found the above text and I thought it is good to share it to people too.
As I continue on researching, I think I am getting fair votes regarding if the place is cool or not.  I am a music lover so I guess I will be enjoying the place.  And some says the place is really nice so what’s not to try.
I was there last May 31st, the guest bands were Live Music by Saint Famine Society, Mindshapefist and Polly Panic.  Their music was like, the genre of music is hard rock/punk/experimental.  This is Saint Famine Society’s CD release show.  Their music was really cool!  I enjoyed the night so much!  I couldn’t find enough words to described the enjoyment we felt.  Oh yeah we, I was with some friends who are actually fanatics of the same music genre like I do.
We arrived at exactly 9pm.  We went to the bar and wow boy the crowd here were very friendly, even the bartender who for sure was really tired was really accommodating.  He smiles a lot which makes the place very inviting actually.  It was very easy to get familiar with the place and be comfortable even though we were new there.
Now it is a date we will be hanging out at The BOILER ROOM every FRIDAY!  This is a perfect place to unwind after a tiring week for a music lover like me.  See you there!
Abney and Associates Real Estate Company Party at the Boiler room Asheville The Grove House music review
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