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The BOILER ROOM Asheville: The Music Venue John Abney Blog


If you want a good night well spent then spend it here. A live music and live entertainment venue located in the basement of the GROVE HOUSE Entertainment Complex, The BOILER ROOM, offers great acoustics for live music of any genre and hosts local, and also out of town live music scenes. 

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According to the official site, The BOILER ROOM strives to be a ‘launching pad’ for the community to grow beyond Asheville and is renowned for being attentive and accommodating to the needs of all artists, entertainers, and patrons alike.  We are a place for bands to showcase “Original” works and materials only, for you won’t find ANY cover bands here!  BOILER ROOM is capable of adapting to the demands of nearly any event and its staff will strive to make that event rock!  We guarantee an unforgettable impression on your fans and guests.  And definitely the place is living to its promise.

The good thing about the place is that you have the choice because The BOILER ROOM may be divided to be its own separate venue, or combined with Scandals Nightclub and/or Club Eleven on Grove, depending on the size of the event.

Here is how you can reach The BOILER ROOM (Company Courtesy of Mr. John Abney and its Associates, Hooray for the great food!)

Physical/Mailing Address
Grove House Entertainment Complex
11 Grove Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Telephone: 828-505-1612

Another great thing about the place is that when you left something like important cards such as credit cards you can claim it back. 

How to Claim Left Credit Cards and/or IDS

 All credit cards or forms of identification lost or forgotten within the GROVE HOUSE venues are secured within the office of the general manager. As the GROVE HOUSE hours of operation vary by event, it is necessary to stop in during our business hours or contact us by phone/email to arrange a pick-up time.

Items are frequently left behind at the GROVE HOUSE. Found items are stored in a secure area
for NO MORE THAN 30 days.

Please Note: The entire property is throughly cleaned every Tuesday. If an item has NOT been recovered by the janitorial staff by Wednesday, it is highly unlikely that it is on the premises. If this occurs, check with the friends you were with during your visit as they may have your item.

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